​Subscription Service Policy

AnchorRIDES offers subscription service as a privilege and convenience to eligible riders, it is not required under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Subscription service provides automatic scheduling for reoccurring trips. This level of service affords increased convenience reserving recurring trips, and good customer service. Below are the Subscription (Sub) Trip Service details:

Eligibility - Eligibility criteria for subscription trips are as follows:

  1. Trips are the same day, time, addresses, and with durations of 3 or more months.
  1. The trip is for medical treatment, employment, education or training (UAA, Charter etc.), volunteer, or daycare (adult or child).
  1. The rider has demonstrated an acceptable demand trip (trips reserved 1-7 days in advance) record for 30 consecutive days. An acceptable demand trip record is defined as a 30-day period with no late cancel, cancel at the door, or no-show infractions.

Waitlist - If approved for subscription service, your request will be entered on a waitlist to be added to routes. Once your trip is placed on a route, a representative from AnchorRIDES Customer Service will notify you via your preferred method of communication with the start date of your new subscription trip. It will be necessary to call customer service to reserve demand trips 1-7 days in advance until you are notified that your subscription trips are placed on a route.

Scheduling - Eligible riders may submit a subscription trip request via the online Subscription Trip Request form (recommended) or by calling Customer Service at 343-6543, Option 2 for AnchorRIDES and then Extension 1 for Trip Reservations. Applications are reviewed weekly.

Holidays - Subscription trips that occur on scheduled municipal holidays will be automatically placed on hold until the next scheduled subscription trip.

Limitations - Revisions to an existing subscription trip are not permitted. Drivers cannot deviate from the subscription trip route. Requests to change a subscription trip (i.e. different dates, time, pickup or drop-off location) requires that the rider submit a new request and adhere to the eligibility standards for a new subscription trip. Remember, subscription trips are for trips with a consistent schedule and location.

Holds - Customers who do not require subscription service for one (1) or more days must call AnchorRIDES Customer Service at least three (3) days prior to the trip date to place subscription ride on hold (i.e. call Monday to put Thursday trip on hold). Holds cannot exceed 60 calendar days. After 60 days, the customer must submit a new subscription request.

Cancellations - Cancellation of 30% or more of total monthly trips, for any reason, will be considered a consistent pattern and the subscription will be terminated. Decisions are final. If a subscription trip is terminated for any reason, it does not mean that the rider is denied AnchorRIDES paratransit service.

Subscription cancellation for the above infraction will require that the rider re-apply for subscription trips after successfully achieving the three (3) eligibility criteria listed above. New requests will not be considered until these eligibility criteria have been achieved and verified.

Suspension - A suspension resulting from infractions incurred under the “No Show/Late Cancel" “No Fare" policy, or failure to re-certify timely will result in the termination of all scheduled sub trips.

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