AnchorRIDES Grocery Delivery Program

Starting Wednesday, September 9, 2020 people will be able to arrange for AnchorRIDES buses to pick up their orders of groceries, essential household items, and pet supplies from participating stores that offer curbside pickup. AnchorRIDES buses will deliver these items to their homes.

How it Works

To participate, customers must be eligible and enrolled in the AnchorRIDES program. To determine eligibility or to enroll, contact the AnchorRIDES Eligibility Office at 907.343.6543, Option #2.


Non-senior customers age 59 and younger will have a required delivery charge based on service area.



Core Area​$3.50
Premium Area​$5.50

Click here to view the Service Area Map.

Deliveries to seniors 60 and older are grant funded by the State of Alaska's Department of Health and Human Services. Donations in any amount are appreciated but not necessary.


To use this service:

  1. Call AnchorRIDES Eligibility to get set up for the service.
  2. Place an order to be picked up with an eligible store.
  3. Once the order has been placed, and a pick-up time scheduled, please call AnchorRIDES trip scheduling at 907.343.6543 one to seven (1-7) days before the scheduled pick-up and book a trip to pick up the groceries at the designated pick-up time.
  4. You will be given a window in which your order is set to arrive.
  5. AnchorRIDES will call upon arrival at your home.
  6. Please wear a mask and have your fare ready, in exact change, upon delivery of your groceries.

Participating Anchorage Stores

CarrsFred Meyer​Target
Walmart​Petco​Pet Smart
​Pet Zoo