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Traffic Control

When construction work or a special activity is performed within the Municipal public right-of-way, such as a partial or full road or sidewalk closure, a certified traffic control plan may be required by the Municipal Public Works Department and/or the Municipal Right-Of-Way Section.  Work on State of Alaska maintanied roads requires a separate permit from the State of Alaska Department of Transportation.

The TCP is an essential part of the construction plan, creating a safe travel zone for drivers and pedestrians while the road work is performed.  It ensures that adequate signage and materials are used in the work zone and notifies the public of changes to traffic patterns that require extra attention.  If a traffic control plan (TCP) is required, a right-of-way permit may not be issued until the TCP has been approved by the Traffic Department.

For your convenience, the Municipal Traffic Department has created the Policy for Municipal Traffic Control Plan Review Standards which may assist you in developing or obtaining a certified TCP.

If you have further questions, please call the Traffic Department at 343-8406.  

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