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​​​​Internal Affairs Unit

Internal accountability is a priority for the Anchorage Police Department. ​To that end, the Anchorage Police Department staffs an Internal Affairs Unit (IA). The function of the unit is to investigate incidents, suspected law-breaking, and professional misconduct of an officer.​

We want the standards of the Anchorage Police Department to be among the highest in the nation. Our community prospers and we build mutual trust and respect when you support these standards through your commendations, recommendations, suggestions, and even complaints. We sincerely value your participation. 


APD welcomes commendations for police personnel who admirably perform their duties. When a commendation is received, the employee is made aware of your appreciation and the commendation is permanently recorded in the employee's personnel file.

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APD recognizes that from time to time a citizen will have cause to make a complaint concerning an officer's conduct or a department operational procedure or policy.

The department respects the right of each citizen to register a complaint in a timely manner. 24-hours a day you can request to speak with a supervisor to initiate or file a complaint, or you may submit the complaint online using the button below or download and fill out a complaint form and submit it to the Internal Affairs Unit. 

Upon completion by the interviewing officer, complaints made in-person may be reviewed and corrected by the complainant. A copy of the completed form will be given to the complainant. 

Complaints received over the phone or by mail/email/or through the online form will be processed in accordance with department procedures. All complaints should contain as much pertinent information as possible, such as officer name, badge number, witness(es) name(s) and address(es), telephone number(s), time of occurrence, location of the incident, etc. 

Investigative Process: All complaints received at APD are directed to IA. They determine which complaints are completed by the IA unit and which will be handled at the division level.  

IA Investigations are Handled Confidentially: IA investigators handling an investigation my use any combination of the following during the investigative process: police reports, interviews with officers, complainants, and witnesses, reviews of medical records,​ and/or court documents, reports submitted by other governmental agencies. Our goal is to process all complaints registered within 90 days. However, some situations may require more time. When that occurs IA will notify the complainant.



You can also use your Commendation & Complaint form to make a suggestion on how we can improve the processes of how we provide service to you or our community. 
How Can We Help You?

Give feedback by phone:

Internal Affairs Message Line: 907-729-7600

​24-hours a day, request to speak to a supervisor: 907-786-8500