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Bicycle Registration

The bicycle season is rapidly approaching and the Anchorage Police Department Neighborhood Crime Watch Program would like to remind you to take the necessary action to protect your investment.

Positive identification is critical for getting your bicycle back if it is lost or stolen.  Each year 800-900 bicycles are turned in to the Anchorage Police Department and disposed of because of unknown owners.  As with any other property, you must be able to positively identify your bicycle in order to have it returned to you.

   Our recommendations include:

  • Take a photograph of your bicycle and record the make, model and serial number.  Also note the color, number of speeds and other specific features that describe your bicycle.
  • Register your bicycle with the National Bike Registry.  Use the link to log onto the National Bike Registry Web Site. You may register on-line using the Department Code: 9077868606-PD.
    • Applications for the National Bike Registry are also available at many of the local bicycle vendors.
  • Inscribe your bicycle with your 7-digit Alaska Driver’s License Number  (i.e.; AK 0000000)
  • Keep your bicycle locked up.  When home, keep it in the garage or secured near the house.

If your bike does turn up missing, call the Anchorage Police Department with the above information.

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