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Welcome to Trail Watch – Extra eyes and ears for trail safety​

The Anchorage trail system includes over 134 miles of paved trails and some 160 miles of non-paved trails that spread through the city’s urban center, wrap around coastline neighborhoods and stretch into the foothills of nearby Chugach State Park. Anchorage residents consistently rank the award winning trail system as the city’s number one recreational asset.

Trail Watch taps into our community passion for trails by recruiting trail users to help promote safety and prevent crime. Volunteers receive safety training, agree to carry cell phones, report suspicious activity, post incident reports on the Trail Watch website, and wear distinctive arm bands. Through this highly visible presence, crime is discouraged and residents feel safer as they use the trails to run, ski, walk their dogs, ride their horses, bike, or commute to work.

We are excited that you are interested in learning more about this citizen based trail safety team and hope you will join our team of volunteers on the trails.

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Becoming a volunteer is easy. ​You can sign up right now with our online application. After signing up, you will receive an automatic e-mail with instructions for picking up your armband and your new member packet. Click here to begin the short application process.

For more information about Trail Watch, visit the sidebar links or call 343-4287. 

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