Anchorage Parks and Recreation



The Municipality of Anchorage boasts an award-winning trail system citywide. Enthusiasts of skiing, running , biking, walking, horseback riding, hiking, roller blading, dog mushing, snowshoeing and ski joring can enjoy our trails.

Many trails are multi-use and require consideration of other users. Trail etiquette is essential to your enjoyment of trails.

For your convenience, we have also listed the Eagle River area trails separately.


Statistical Trail Information

Paved bike trails/multi-use trails                                    120+ miles/195 kms
Plowed winter walkways 130 miles/216 kms 
Maintained ski trails 105 miles/175+ kms 
Dog mushing trails  36 miles/60 kms
Summer non-paved hiking trails 87 miles/145+ kms     
Lighted ski trails 24 miles/40 kms
Ski-joring trails 66 kms 
Equestrian trails 10 kms

Numerous trails connect to the Chugach State Park, a high, alpine tundra park of some 495,000 acres.

MULTI-USE TRAILS - These are trails that can be used for biking, walking, running, rollerblading, etc.

WINTER MULTI-USE TRAILS - One side of the trail has tracks set for diagonal skiers and should be avoided by other users. The packed portion of these trails are used for skate skiing, snowshoeing, ski-joring, running, biking, etc.

*NEW* WINTER TRAIL GROOMING UPDATES MAP -To see daily updates of what trails in Anchorage, Eagle River and Girdwood have been groomed, follow the link above or click the map below.


General Rules on the Trail
  • Always Use Safe Speeds... Trails are not for racing. Slow to 5mph at tunnels and in congested areas. Always ride or skate under control.
  • Always Wear a Bicycle Helmet... Have Children Wear Protective Bike Helmets for Their Safety and Yours too!
  • Always Speak to Horses so They Don t Spook... Horse lovers will tell you to help them by saying "hello" or simply speaking to them. That way the horse will know you are human. Otherwise, depending on the horse, they may be spooked.
  • Be Courteous to All Users...These are multi-use trails. Please be respectful of all users, regardless of their mode, slow speed or level of skill. Smile and speak to others.
  • Be Predictable... Sudden changes in direction or position on the trail cause accidents. Glance behind you before changing position on the trails.
  • Be Considerate and Pick up Your Pet's Litter. It's the Law...
  • Control Your Dog (Always use a leash) on the Trails... Don't allow your dog to be a hazard to others, keep him by your side on the trails. Remember to scoop up after your dog.
  • Don't Block the Trail... When you're in a group or with a pet, use no more then half the trail. Don't block the flow of other users.
  • Keep Right Except to Pass... Always stay to the right on the trail to allow others to pass safely on your left.
  • Keep the Trail Clean... Don't litter, pack your trash.
  • Pedestrians and Equestrians Always have the Right-of-Way... Be aware of what and who is around you.
  • Respect Sensitive Trail Conditions, Horses Damage Soft and Muddy Trails... Please avoid earthen trails during muddy, soft ground conditions. The tracks you leave behind will be there all season. Trail use may be limited in the spring and fall seasons.
  • Ride Single File and in the Same Direction as Traffic...
  • Serious or Speed Cyclists are Asked to Use the Surface Streets...
  • Slower Traffic has the Right-of-Way... All users yield to slower traffic. Bicycles & skaters yield to pedestrians & equestrians.
  • Use Voice or Bell When Passing... People don't always hear you coming, so please say, "on your left" when approaching from behind.
  • Use Lights at Night for Visibility... Be safe, let others see you coming.
  • Yield When Entering or Crossing Trails and Roads... Always yield to traffic in roadways or when entering the trail from trailheads or spurs. Don't count on others stopping for you. Drivers don't always see you when pulling up to an intersection.
  • Track setting on trails are for diagnoal skiing only. Even though these are multi-use trails, be respectful of these tracks, they are easily damaged by dogs, runners, biking, etc. Those not diagnoal skiing need to stay on the packed portion of the trai.
  • Trails are for non-motorized activities... Report any motorized activities on trails to APD at 786-8500.
  • Be Alert! We share our trails with wildlife (bears, moose, coyotes). When in bear country, noisy travel is best (talking, bells, etc.) and will alert wildlife to your presence.
  • Bring some water. Creek Water is not a Safe Source. Drinking Fountains are Far and Few.
  • You Can Help us if you Pick up that Piece of Litter Every Trip Out...
  • Take Frequent Stops to Enjoy the Scenery...
  • Report Damages of Your Park System to us by filling out the Park Maintenance Feedback Form.
  • Above all...HAVE A GREAT TIME! ‚Äč