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Off-Leash Dog Areas

​​​​​​​​​Anchorage has nine areas within popular parks dedicated to off-leash dog activity. ​The map and descriptions below outline each location's guidelines. Dog park enthusiasts may utilize an interactive mapping tool to locate each park or off-leash area.

​​Off-Leash Areas

  • Off-leash areas: Connors Bog and Russian Jack Springs Park
  • Off-leash trails: University Lake Park,Far North Bicentennial Park,and the South Anchorage Sports Park
  • Fenced, off-leash areas: Chanshtnu Muldoon Park*, Whisper Faith Kovac​h Park*, Valley of the Moon Park, South Anchorage Sports Park, and Arctic Benson Park

    *Denotes parks with separate enclosed areas for small dogs (under 25lbs) and all dogs​


All Anchorage Off-Leash Dog Areas 

  • Dogs must be legally licensed and have a current rabies vaccination. Visit this website to learn about li​censing your dog.
  • Dogs must be leashed upon entering and leaving the off-leash dog areas.
  • Classified dogs and female dogs in heat are prohibited.
  • The owner or custodian of the dog must remain in the dog area​.
  • Dogs must be under control as defined in Title 17.
  • Dog feces must be cleaned up by the dog owner or custodian.
  • Holes dug by dogs must be filled by the dog owner or custodian.
  • Owners or custodians are responsible for all actions of their dogs.
  • Be respectful of the wildlife living in the park and the lakes. 
  • Be aware of lakes with posted signs prohibiting dogs from swimming. This is to protect both pets and wildlife!  

Area-Specific Regulations 

  • Connor’s Bog - ​Off-leash activity shall be restricted to the designated area, once skijoring trails are groomed.
  • University Lake - Specific trails within this park may be closed to off-leash use on a seaso​nal basis. Such trails will be clearly posted. Be respectful of wildlife and other park users. Swimming by dogs and/or their people is prohibited to protect nesting birds and a very active beaver community. Beavers can be extremely aggressive during mating season and while protecting kits. NOTE: Parking lot upgrades were completed in 2021. ​​

Good "Petiquette"

Areas designated for off-leash dog use are shared by many park users, including skiers, walkers, runners, bikers, and other members of the community. Please practice courteous behavior and good "petiquette”. 

Here are some simple ways to that can be done to keep off-leash areas enjoyable for everyone:

  • Keep your dog in sight and ​under control at all times.
  • Always carry a leash.
  • Bring poop scoop bags from home to clean up after your pet.  Please help by picking up extra. 
  • Control excessive barking.
  • Off-leash areas are shared for a variety of activities so please be respectful of other users. 
  • Keep your dog controlled and restrain it from interfering with other people and their dogs (especially leashed ones), if the behavior is unwanted.
  • Be respectful of wildlife living in parks, near lakes and in surrounding areas.
  • Properly dispose of all trash, including treats, toys, and pet waste. 

Remember, you are fully responsible for your dog and its actions.  

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