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Youth Employment in Parks

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The Youth Employment in Parks (YEP) is​ a joint program of the Anchorage Park Foundation and the Anchorage Parks and Recreation Department. The goal of the YEP program is to positively engage a new generation of diverse youth leaders with the environment and the Anchorage community, through meaningfu​l training, employment, and outdoor education.

Each summer YEP hires Anchorage teens to complete park improvement projects and offer recreation programs in Anchorage parks. Teens learn valuable natural resource management and recreation job skills by building trails, restoring stream banks, and conducting other park improvements. In addition, the youth learn from civic engagement and leadership, and participate in a Mentorship Week at the end of the program to link their new skills to future careers. YEP puts teens to work making a difference in our community!

Youth Employment in Parks:

  • ​Creates a meaningful "first job" experience and career pathway for diverse youth to work in the outdoors and natural resources fields.
  • Exposes youth to the outdoors and connect them with nature to support healthy lifestyles.
  • Provides youth with community action skills and character development so they may become effective citizens.
  • Improves community through enhanced recreation opportunities, parks, and public spaces.
The Youth Employment in Parks program was started in 2007. Over the past 15 summers the Youth Employment in Parks program has hired over 425 teens, completed 112 park improvement projects, and recreated on a variety of public lands. 

To become a YEP crew member you must meet the following qualifications:
  • A resident of the Municipality of Anchorage
  • Turn in your own application and contact Parks and Recreation staff yourself. A parent or guardian should not do it for you. This is one way we determine if you are ready for work!
  • 16-19 years old
  • Completed or pursuing your high school or GED education


If you or a teen you know are interested in the Youth Employment in Parks program, please pay attention to and share our YEP Program timeline:

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2024 positions are now open!

​10-Week program

Late-May to early-August
The YEP Program is designed around the Anchorage School District school year to avoid time conflicts.​​


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Contact Info

Mailing Address:
PO Box 196650
Anchorage, AK 99519

Brad Muir
Natural Resources Manager
Phone: 907-343-4287​

Annie DuBois
Natural Resource Specialist
Phone: 907-343-4720