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Youth Employment in Parks

YEP Employment Information

YEP will be accepting applications for the following positions on the following approximate dates:

YEP Program Information

The Youth Employment in Parks Program is a program of the Anchorage Parks & Recreation Department and the Anchorage Park Foundation. The goal of the YEP program is to positively engage a new generation of diverse youth leaders with the environment and the Anchorage community through meaningful training, employment, and outdoor recreation. More information

YEP seeks to:

  • Create a meaningful "first job" experience and career pathway for diverse youth to work in the outdoors and natural resources fields.
  • Expose youth to the outdoors and connect them with nature to support healthy lifestyles.
  • Provide youth with community action skills and character development so they may become effective citizens.
  • Improve community through enhanced recreation opportunities, parks and public spaces. 
Thank you for your interest in the YEP program, a true community investment!
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