William B Lyons Park Improvements 2020

​​William B. Lyons Park Improvements, 2021

335 Price St (View map)


Anchorage Parks and Recreatio​n is currently in the planning process for improvements to William B. Lyons Park. Proposed improvements include a new playground, landscaping, and more connectivity to the adjacent Mountain View Boys and Girls Club.


The Municipality of Anchorage purchased this land in 1972 with bond funds and Community Development Block grants to add more parkland to the Mountain View neighborhood. The Municipality established a joint use agreement with the New Hope Baptist Church next door for use of the parking lot. The park was originally known as Mountain View Park, and the name was changed to William B. Lyons in honor of the pastor of New Hope Baptist Church. William B. Lyons Park is 1.86 acres and is categorized as a Special Use Area, as defined in the 2006 Park Plan​.

In 1997, the Municipality of Anchorage and the Boys and Girls Club developed plans to build a community center. That community center is now run by the Boys and Girls Club and maintained by the Municipality's Facility Maintenance department.

The park used to have a picnic shelter and play equipment for 2-12 year-old children, but Parks and Recreation removed that equipment in 2011 at the request of the Boys and Girls Club. 

In 2012, Parks and Recreation worked with the Boys and Girls Club, the Anchorage Community Land Trust, the Anchorage Park Foundation, and Clark Middle School to redesign the park space. The park now features a shelter, an amphitheater, student artwork, a mural on the parking lot surface, and open play space. The park functions as a central gathering place for larger community events. You can read more about those improvements here and here.

In April 2019, voters approved the 2019 Parks and Recreation bond which included funds to improve William B. Lyons Park.


2019 Municipal Park Bond: $300,000​​

Anchorage Park Foundation​ Inclusive Play: $100,000

Land and Water Conservation Fund: $157,000

​Wells Fargo: $50,000


In April 2019, a municipal park bond passed for this project, securing funding and initiating the next steps of project planning and design. This project was approved by the Mountain View Community Council in February 2020 after attending the Mountain View Community Council meeting in the fall, organizing a focus, a public workshop in December, and two Community Advisory Group meetings.   Additionally, an online survey was circulated to the public for those who could not attend meeting in person and was factored into the two concepts and final designs presented to the Community Advisory Group and Mountain View Community Council.  The project was also approved by the Parks and Recreation Commission in March 2020 and the Urban Design Commission in Spring 2020.

This project is projected be constructed during the summer of 2021.

​​Project Contact

Taylor Keegan, MOA Parks and Recreation