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Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are an intergral part in helping Anchorage Parks and Recreation achieve its mission of Healthy Parks, Healthy People.

Every year, our dedicated volunteers beautify Anchorage's parks and trails through picking up trash, digging holes, building trails, reporting crime, pulling weeds, removing graffiti, planting flowers, and so much more. More importantly, our volunteers build relationships with each other and within the communities they serve.

Curious about how you, your organization, or your community can be involved? Click on the links below to learn more about our individual programs, or contact the Parks and Recreation Volunteer Coordinator Michelle Fehribach at 343-4587 or


Upcoming Volunteer Events

Please check back in spring 2018 for updates.

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Check back in spring 2018 for our updated calendar.

Please note, volunteer event dates and times are subject to change. Please check back closer to an event date to verify or contact the Parks and Rec Volunteer Coordinator.

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Volunteer Programs

Neighborhood Park Fix-Its
Graffiti Busters
Trail Watch

Graffiti Busters - Call us to report graffiti and we'll set you up with the right supplies.

Recreation programs - If you have a talent you'd like to share, consider teaching at one of our Recreation Centers. Volunteer to teach a class, help with little swimmers, or share your passion and talent for sports with Anchorage youth. Some volunteer opportunities may require a background check.

Eagle Scout Projects

Parks & Recreation has worked with numerous Boy and Eagle Scouts to complete volunteer projects on parkland.

We encourage scouts to visit parks and brainstorm project ideas based on what they observe as needing attention or maintenance. Past projects have included sanding and painting bollards, installing a Mutt Mitt station, repairing benches, and sanding and varnishing flower planters.

Please contact our department to discuss your project idea a year before you intend to complete it. Depending on the size and scope of the project, you may be required to go through the department’s public process to demonstrate community support for your planned improvements.

Boys Scouts of America provides a fillable pdf that scouts can use to organize and plan their project. You can download that pdf here.

If you are looking for additional sources of funding for your project, please check the Anchorage Park Foundation's website to see if Challenge Grants are being accepted. 


Benefits of Volunteering

    • Parks and Recreation
    • Director: John Rodda
    • 632 W 6th Avenue, Suite 630, Anchorage, AK 99501
    • 907 343-4355

Your volunteer hours matched with $$

The Rasmuson Foundation will match your hours for Clean & Green events and Graffiti events with matching dollars to the Anchorage Park Foundation. This money is used to buy tools and supplies to promote healthy parks for healthy people. Anchorage depends on you. 

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