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Valley of the Moon

Valley of the Moon Park Improvements

Park Overview

Valley of the Moon Park is a 21.78 acre community-use park located within the Chester Creek Greenbelt bordering both the South Addition and North Star neighborhoods.  The park is bordered by Chester Creek along the southern border on the western two thirds of the park while the northern border continues along 16th & 17th Avenues.  The developed areas of the park are used for a variety of community events with upwards of 100,000 users each summer.  Roughly half the park is undeveloped and heavily wooded with a birch, poplar, and spruce forest. 

Improvement Overview

Through extensive public input concerning desires at the park, the Taskforce prioritized potential improvements at the park that are included in this project. Of critical concern were desired improvements at the playground and an addition of a second picnic shelter for benefit of the current park users.  Additionally a scoping study funded under this project is planned to investigate the method and cost of addressing the stream-bank degradation at this location.  An adult fitness station is planned along with updated signage for the entrance and way-finding.  Additionally new picnic tables and coal disposal bins will be installed as part of this project.

Process Overview

The 10-person Valley of the Moon Park Citizen’s Advisory Group met on numerous occasions to discuss improvements desired for the park.  The Citizen’s Advisory Group reserved the picnic shelter at Valley of the Moon (VOM) Park for a public gathering on June 24, 2009 - held for the purpose of gaining additional input from the neighborhood and users of the park regarding prioritization of park improvements.  Approximately 60 people participated in the dot-mocracy prioritization exercise regarding park improvements at Valley of the Moon Park.  Below is a list members of the Valley of the Moon Park.

Park Improvement Concept

                    Citizen’s Advisory Group

                    Kathleen Weeks (SACC President)
                    Ashley Kalli (SACC)
                    Lanie Fleisher (SACC)
                    Matt Johnson (NSCC President)
                    Susan Miller (NCSS)
                    Sharon Schilcht (NSCC)
                    Tracy Fischbach (NSCC)
                    Xavier Schlee (NSCC)
                    Robert Shipley (Anch Waterways)
                    Chone (Laotian Community)
                    Mark Butler (FCC/NSCC)


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