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Tikishla 2020 Improvements

​Tikishla Park 2021 Improvements

3018 E. 20th Ave (View map​)​

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​Anchorage Parks and Recreation will further upgrade Tikishla Park in 2021.  Proposed improvements include new play equipment; custom bear cub climber and benches; plaza and picnic area; small sledding hill; trail lighting; parking lot upgrades; landscaping, and new ameniti​es to enhance visitors' experience.


​In 2017-18, Anchorage Parks and Recreation worked with the community to develop the Tikishla Park Master Plan. The master plan provides a 20-year vision for the management, maintenance, and development of Tikishla Park consistent with the desires of the community. 

The master plan was approved by the Parks and Recreation Commission and the Planning and Zoning Commission in 2018, paving the way for future improvements at the park.


In 2020, Anchorage voters passed the Park Bond allocating $250,000 in funding for Tikishla Park. This funding is in addition to $400,000 in 2019 voter approved bond funds and $100,000 in 2018 voter approved bond funds for the park. 

Total project funding: $750,000


The Parks and Recreation Department will begin working with the community on planning and design in the fall of 2019. Construction of master plan identified priorities is scheduled for summer 2020.​ ​
  • Planning and Design: Winter 2019-20
  • Approvals: 
    • Airport Heights Community Council (2/20/2020)
    • Urban Design Commission (scheduled 5/1​3/2020)
    • Parks and Recreation Commission (scheduled 5/14/2020)​
  • Construction completion​: Summer 2020​1


Steve Rafuse, Project Manager


P: 343-4586