Bonny Sosa Tuesday Night Races
Anchorage Parks and Recreation


Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I bring my family pet?

Due to safety concerns and the size of the races, dogs are no longer permitted to participate.  Please leave your pet at home. Participants who bring their dogs will be asked to leave them in their vehicles. 

How are the races timed?

There are three components to timing these races.

  1. The first component are the people at the finish line punching the buttons on the timing equipment, they will punch once for every human heartbeat that crosses between them and the checkered finish flag, so please don’t’ cut in line after crossing the timers.  (at checkered flag)
  2. The second component is the people handing out the finish cards at the end of the finish chute. These numbered cards correspond to a time that was punched, so please don’t cut in line and please take a card. 
  3. The third and most time consuming component is to matching the times with the cards. To put it simply if the timers punch 600 people there should be 600 cards given out and turned in.
  4. An un-timed chute is available for you if you'd prefer to not have your time recorded. Please take a card at the end of the chute, this is how we keep track of how many people participate and enter you in the prize drawing.

Why must I stay in line in the finish chute?

If you cross the finish line then choose to step out of the chute area or don’t take a card, you throw final timing results off for the other participants.  Please use the un-timed chute if you'd prefer to not have your time recorded.

What if I spelled my name wrong or wrote it illegible?

Cards turned in without complete names or are illegible may be listed in the results but will not gain points or be considered as a series top finisher at the Awards Banquet.  If you want your name spelled correctly in the results, please print it out clearly on your card.  Please include first and last names.

How do you time me and my baby joggers?

Parents carrying a child or pushing a baby jogger are asked to let the timer know, when you approach the finish chute, how many are crossing if all children can not be clearly seen.

Who is eligible for the Running Shoe Drawing?

Our sponsor has generously offered a complimentary pair of running shoes each week.

Any adult or youth who checks in at the check in table before the race is eligible for a free pair of running shoes provided our Healthy Sponsor Skinny Raven Sports. There will be a new drawing each week for those participating in that weeks race.   Finish cards are not accumulative.