Parks and Recreation


  1. CENTENNIAL PARK: 8300 Glenn Highway. Moderate and advance slopes.        
  2. KINCAID PARK:West end of Raspberry Road (north side of Outdoor Center). Moderate to advance slopes. Warm-up, restroom facilities available.   
  3. RUSSIAN JACK PARK:DeBarr Road & Lidia Selkregg Lane. Hill behind the Chalet only where rope tow used to be. Moderate slope. Warm-up, restroom facilities available when chalet is open.


Safe Sledding Rules

Sledding/Skating Safety

Winter is a great time to get outdoors and have some fun.

MOA Safe Winter Activity Rules:

  • Sledding, snowboarding, and skiing can cause severe injuries.
  • Steel runner sleds or inner tubes are strictly prohibited in parks.
  • Sled, snowboard, and ski in designated areas only.
  • Pets and alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited on sledding hills.
  • All sledders, snowboarders, and skiers are recommended to wear protective clothing, equipment, and helmets.
  • Sled, snowboard, and ski at your own risk.
 Safe sledding tips


  • Choose a hill that has a gentle slope and that is free of obstacles such trees, signs, fences, rocks, river, parked or moving vehicles, railway track, and holes or jumps.
  • Sled during the daylight or on a well lit hill.
  • Dress properly, protecting hands, feet, and your face from the cold.
  • Tuck in any scarves, strings, or long hats that could potentially catch on a rock or tree and cause strangulation or other serious inures.
  • Sled by sitting or kneeling down.  Never go down head first or standing up
  • Check your sled for cracks or damage before use. Choose sleds that you can steer or stop.
  • Have only the recommended number of passengers on a sled at one time.
  • Wear a properly fitted ski or hockey helmet to protect against brain injuries.
  • Wait until the path is clear before starting down the hill.  This could help prevent you from running into another person on your way down.
  • Move out of the way quickly if you fall or stop suddenly.
  • Walk back up the side of the hill, away from other sledders.
  • Parents should go on sleds with children under the age of 5.
  • Have an adult supervise children while they are sledding.


  • Hills that are too icy – you want to be able to stop if you need to;
  • Inner tubes, crazy carpets, flying saucers, garbage bags and cardboard boxes- they are difficult to control.
  • Overcrowding a sled or toboggan with to many riders
Skating Tips


  • Wear skates that fit are your size to avoid ankle and knee injuries.  Skates that are too big can cause falls and other injuries.
  • Skate in designated skating areas where the ice is known to be strong
  • Check for cracks, holes, and debris on the ice.
  • Be considerate other skates, including those who are new to the ice.
  • Wear a helmet, especially young children who are learning how to skate.


  • Skating alone
  • Bumping into other people
  • Skating on an untested lake or pond

Remember:  Safe ice is found at your local ice rinks.  Safe outdoor skating must have adult supervision.

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