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Sitka Street Park Fix It 2016

Sitka Street Park

1580 Sitka St

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Sitka Street Park is a 28 acre neighborhood park located between Merrill Field Airport and Chester Creek. The park sits on land managed by Merrill Field that has been permitted as an interim use to the Parks and Recreation Department.  The park has a picnic shelter & tables, play equipment, a sand volleyball court, lighting, a parking lot, a sledding hill and an open field. 


In 1983, this property for this park was purchased. Sitka is a Tlingit word meaning "by the sea."

In 2003, park improvements were made.

In 2012, neighbors came together to pull weeds and lay down new sand in the volleyball courts. They also removed weeds from the garden beds and filled the beds with new wood mulch.

Report Card and Funding

In 2008, community members reported seeing unsafe activities in Sitka Park during night hours and requested that the park gate should be closed when the park is closed. Additionally, volunteers were concerned about debris and standing water blocking trails and the lack of a volleyball net in the court. Participants also requested the addition of informational signage and a dog station.

In 2011, community volunteers reported that while they enjoyed the formal park areas, they were concerned about the remote forested area which has a pathway leading to homeless camps in it. This is causing people to feel unsafe recreating in the park.

The original Alaska State Grant of $42,000 was awarded to the Anchorage Park Foundation for play area renovations. Currently there is $11,034 remaining from this grant. The Anchorage Park Foundation has allocated $40,000.00 of Clean and Green funding toward this park. The total budget available currently is: $51,034.00.

Summer 2016 Improvements

Contracted Work:

  • Purchase and install new playground climbing boulder (ages 2 to adult)
  • Add expanded concrete edge for play area
  • Add wood fiber fall surfacing

The boulder will be installed on Friday, June 23rd and the site is anticipated to re-open by end of day.

Volunteer Work:

  • Paint bollards along parking lot
  • Landscaping improvements to existing park garden beds
Volunteer Fix-It

Tentatively: Saturday, August 20 - 9am-12pm 

RSVP to Volunteer Coordinator Michelle Fehribach.

Sitka Park Project Design (PDF)

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Maeve Nevins

Landscape Architect

P: 343-4135



GMG General, Inc


Boulder Manufacturer:




Volunteer at a Fix-It!
Michelle Fehribach

Volunteer Coordinator

P: 343-4587