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Pop Carr Fix-It 2015

Pop Carr Park

4608 Kent St

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Pop Carr Park is a neighborhood park located off of Arctic Blvd. and Tudor Rd. in the Spenard neighborhood. Two small parking lots are accessible via the neighborhood to the south on Kent St. and Hampshire St. The Park encompasses 9.08 acres of forest and open lawn, and includes lighted trails, a picnic shelter, play equipment for 2-5 and 5-12 year olds, and four tennis courts.


In 1971, the Municipality of Anchorage acquired the land. Pop Carr Park was originally known as Willowcrest Park and was later renamed Pop Carr in honor of a family who donated a portion of the park property. Land and Water Conservation Funds were used to develop this park.

In 1973, the park dedication was held.

In the 1970s, lighting was installed along the path.

In 1980, Pop Carr Park was awarded an Urban Beautification award for excellence in design.

Report Card and Funding

Parks and Recreation received a State Legislative Grant for $210k to improve Pop Carr Park. Additional funds towards this project include $40k of Clean and Green funds from the Rasmuson Foundation, $100k from a Municipality of Anchorage Bond, and $50k from a private donation from the Carr Foundation.

Summer 2015 Improvements

Parks and Recreation has been working with a Very Important Parks (VIP) Committee to identify and prioritize park improvements. The committee was composed of local park users, neighbors, and community council members. The VIP Committee identified the following improvements:

-Update playground and fall surfacing

-Replace trash cans and picnic tables

-Replace benches

-Resurface tennis courts

-Repaint and clean picnic shelter

-Repair paved paths and add ADA access to picnic shelter

-Improve visibility throughout park

-Create an inviting entry/gateway into the park from Tudor

Volunteer Fix-It Event

August 15th, 9am-12pm

RSVP to Volunteer Coordinator Michelle Fehribach.

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Project Information (PDF)
Maeve Nevins

Landscape Architect

P: 343-4135


Volunteer at a Fix-It!
Michelle Fehribach

Volunteer Coordinator

P: 343-4587