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Moen Fix-It 2015

Moen Park

17761 Golden View Drive

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Moen Park is located on Golden View Drive in the Rabbit Creek neighborhood in South Anchorage. The park encompasses 10.53 acres of forested hillside and includes a small 5-car parking lot and ADA accessible play equipment for 2-5 year olds. The park is named in honor of Howard and Ruth Moen, the original homesteaders of South Golden View Drive.


In 1951, the Moen family homesteaded on Golden View Drive. Both the Moen family and the Department of Natural Resources filed for the 10 acres next to the Moen homestead. Those 10 acres were awarded to the DNR.

In 1987, the Municipality of Anchorage received the property and it became Heritage Land Bank property.

In 1993, the natural area was converted to parkland. The community council voted to name the park Moen Park in honor of Howard and Ruth Moen.

Report Card and Funding

Parks and Recreation received $260k from a State Legislative Grant to address community concerns about this park.

Summer 2015 Improvements

The following improvements are planned for summer 2015:

-Install a new playground and playground surfacing

-Install picnic tables, benches and trashcans

Volunteer Fix-It Event

August 29th, 9am-12pm

RSVP to Volunteer Coordinator Michelle Fehribach.

Joshua Durand

Landscape Architect

P: 343-4427


Volunteer at a Fix-It!
Michelle Fehribach

Volunteer Coordinator

P: 343-4587