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Parks and Recreation

Karate and Aikido

$35 youth / $45 adult month

M             Ongoing                   7-8:30p

Th            Ongoing                   7-8p

Sa            Ongoing                   3:30-5:30p

**Saturday class is for Intermediate/ Advanced Students

Delfin Labrador Shihan 

Spenard Recreation Center, 343-4160

Japan Marital Arts offer two complimentary styles Karate and Aikido: Karate uses kicks, hand strikes, and soft blocks for defense, and Aikido manipulates the opponent’s force against himself. Students have the choice to pursue both styles simultaneously or to focus on one. Family based classes where children and adults practice together focusing on self-defense. For ages 5 yrs +. Min 5/Max 15

For more information contact Jennifer Thorne, 343-4495

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