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Anchorage Parks and Recreation is working with the Government Hill community to develop a neighborhood parks and trails plan.  The Government Hill Parks and Trails Plan will identify and prioritize future investments in parks and recreation facilities in the Government Hill neighborhood for the next 20 years.

Through the planning process, Parks​ and Recreation will inventory existing parks, facilities and trails; identify issues to be addressed; and,​ will work with the community to prioritize future park and trail improvements.

"Recreation lands and facilities are an integral part of the quality of life in Government Hill and help buffer the residential neighborhoods and Ship Creek from neighboring industri​​al and transporation uses."

​​​​- Government Hill Neighborhood Plan

The Government Hill Parks and Trails Plan builds upon the 2013 Government Hill Neighborhood Plan and is intended to serve as a vehicle for implementation of parks and trails goals outlined in the Neighborhood Plan.   ​

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R&M Consultants, Inc. provides project management expertise and supports partner coordination for this project.

 A small advisory group, formed from the Government Hill Community Council, have regularly met with project staff since late 2019 to establish the plan vision and prioritize future park and trail improvements.

 In 2019, the Youth Employment in Parks (YEP) team completed a trail connector between Brown's Point and Suzan Nightingale McKay Parks. Their work was a major contribution to enhancing park connectivity and carrying out goals outlined in the 2013 Neighborhood Plan.

 The Government Hill Commons are a continued lea​der of this planning effort. The Commons is a community organization working to cultivate, nurture, and enhance public spaces in the neighborhood

The Government Hill project is part of an ongoing planning process. A master plan is expected to be available for public review in summer or fall 2021.



Government Hill is Anchorage's oldest neighborhood. In just under 100 years, it has accommodated changing populations, earthquakes, and a mix of residential, commercial, and industrial uses. The neighborhood is framed with dramatic views, open space, trails, easy access to downtown, the neighborhood commercial district, and waterways. These resources are important to the quality of life for residents and are key to​ economic vitality of the community.


Fall 2019 - Spring 2020: Planning & Public Involvement

Spring-Summer 2019: Plan Development

Fall 2020: Initial approvals​

Spring 2021: Convene Advisory Group to agree on project priorities and guiding principles.

Summer – Fall 2021: Release Parks and Trails Plan draft for public review.

Fall – Winter 2021: Finalize and approve plan with community council, Parks and Recreation, and Planning and Zoning commissions.




Project Managers

Nicolette Dent, MOA Parks and Recreation


P: (907) 917-6663 ​

Steve Rafuse, MOA Parks and Recreation 


P: 907-343-4586

Planning Consultant

Van Le, R&M Consultants


P: 907-646-9659