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Elderberry Fix It 2016

Elderberry Park

1297 W. 5th Ave

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Elderberry Park is a neighborhood park of 1.46 acres located within downtown Anchorage. It offers benches, picnic tables, and play equipment for 2-5 and 5-12 year olds, and is named after Elderberry bushes. Elderberry Park offers unparalleled views of Cook Inlet and Mt. Susitna and is an access point to the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail.


In 1917, this property was acquired from the United States government as a patent to the city of Anchorage for a park. Elderberry Park is located in Block 35 of the original town site.

In 1976, Elizabeth Anderson, Oscar Anderson's widow, donated the Oscar Anderson house - one of the oldest houses in Anchorage - to the Municipality of Anchorage. The Oscar Anderson house is currently a museum with tours during the summer, and its presence at the park preserves it as a historical site.

Report Card and Funding

In 2011, neighbors and community members filled out a report card and identified several issues at Elderberry Park including concerns about cracked asphalt as a potential hazard to bikers, the park is not handicap accessible, and there is graffiti on multiple surfaces within the park.

Anchorage Parks and Recreation received a legislative grant to address these concerns.

Steve Rafuse

Park Planner

P: 343-4586


Volunteer at a Fix-It!
Michelle Fehribach

Volunteer Coordinator

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