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Dave Rose Fix-It 2015

Dave Rose Park

201 Lane St

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Dave Rose Park is a 14.47 acre community use park located in the Russian Jack neighborhood. Park facilities include playground equipment for 5-12 year olds, a soccer field, sledding hill, basketball court, picnic shelter, picnic tables, lighted paved trails, and a 26-car parking lot.


This park property had been set aside by the State for right of way when they built the Glenn Highway. The property was then conveyed to the city, and eventually acquired as park land from the school district.

In 2006, the park was renamed Dave Rose Park from the original name of Conifer Park.

Report Card and Funding

In 2008, neighbors and community members filled out a report card and identified several issues including concerns about visitor safety due to overgrowth in forested areas, poor lighting, broken benches and tables, evidence of inappropriate activities, extensive graffiti throughout the park, and the splintering of playground equipment. Participants also expressed a desire for more tables and benches for neighborhood use.

Summer 2015 Improvements

The following improvements are planned for 2015:

-Repaint play equipment to prevent splintering and replenish play area surface material

-Remove underbrush and trim trees in forested areas

-Remove graffiti and litter all over the park

-Install bear proof trash cans

-Establish appropriate place for dog station location and install

-Repair or replace rotting bollards

-Restore basketball court and soccer field; repair cracks in asphalt, remove graffiti, fix benches, add nets

-Fix light pole near sledding area

Volunteer Fix-It Event

September 19th, 9am-12pm

RSVP to Volunteer Coordinator Michelle Fehribach.

Joshua Durand

Landscape Architect

P: 343-4427


Volunteer at a Fix-It!
Michelle Fehribach

Volunteer Coordinator

P: 343-4587