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Chester Creek Improvements 2

Lanie Fleischer Chester Creek Trail Improvement (COMPLETE)

The Lanie Fleischer Chester Creek Trail is a four-mile long paved, multi-use trail that parallels Chester Creek from Westchester Lagoon to Goose Lake Park area.  The Chester Creek Trail is an oasis of green space in Anchorage.  In every season of the year, Anchorage residents use this major recreation and non-motorized transportation thoroughfare for biking, running, walking, skiing, and commuting.

After many years, the Chester Creek Trail received an upgrade.  Anchorage Parks and Recreation received funding in 2012, 2013 and 2014 to resurface the Chester Creek Trail. Construction began in summer 2014 and will continue be finished in 2016.

Over $3.2 million has been raised for funding this project including a 2012 Legislative Grant for $150,000, a 2013 MOA Bond for $1,600,000 and a 2014 MOA Bond for $1,470,000. These funds are being used to continue a multi-year, comprehensive trail repair program to address serious safety and security concerns on the Chester Creek Trail. Upgrades include the rehabilitation/replacement of cracked and heaving asphalt, bridge transitions, amenity upgrades and improved signage and wayfinding.

Below is the 2013 "engineering site assessment" identifying the most critical segments in need of repair. More information, site plans and project updates are located in the sidebar to the right.

Chester Creek West Plans (PDF)

 Chester Creek East Plans (PDF)