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Chanshtnu Muldoon Park

​Project Overview​

Chanshtnu Ph2 - Concept Site Plan.jpg Chanshtnu community garden

Chanshtnu Muldoon Park is one of Anchorage'​s newest and most celebrated parks. Created in 2015, the park officially opened in June 2018 with the completion of the ice-skating ribbon, farmers market space, inclusive playground, and custom picnic pavilion; in the Muldoon area of the park.

In 2020-21, construction at Chanshtnu Muldoon Park began in the eastern area of the park with the development a parking lot and utilities and finished in 2021 with the completion of the off-leash dog park, community garden and food forest, as well as nature trails and overlooks.

In 2022, Parks and Recreation ​constructing a new bike pump track and nature play area, and the community garden opened to the public with forty (40) 10’x20’ garden plots and eleven (11) raised ADA-accessible garden beds available.

In 2023, the first of two bridges connecting the western and eastern areas of the park with the core of thhe core of the park was completed. Construction of the second of two bridges is planned to begin construction in fall 2023, with completion scheduled for summer 2024.


  • $750,000 in federal grants
  • $950,000 in municipal bonds
  • $500,000 in legislative grants
  • $40,000 from an Anchorage Park Foundation Challenge Grant 
  • $20,000 in private donations

Park History​

Chanshtnu Muldoon Park is a newly dedicated community use park located in the heart of east Anchorage at the southeast corner of the road intersection at Muldoon and DeBarr. The park encompasses 26.74 acres of natural and previously-developed areas, with features that include the South Fork of Chester Creek, outstanding views of the Chugach Mountains, and lush upland forests and op​en meadows.

Originally referred to as Muldoon Town Square Park during initial planning stages, the park underwent a formal naming process, after which Chanshtnu Muldoon Park was decided. The name Chanshtnu Muldoon Pa​r​k ties the past to the present in a public space future generations will enjoy. “Chanshtnu” refers to the Dena’ina name for “Chester Creek,​" a defining feature of the park's landscape. “Muldoon” is a common place name honoring an early Anchorage homesteader in the area.​​

Project ​Information


Current status: Construction​

Anticipated completi​on: 2024


1301 Muldoon Rd (View Map)


Tanya Hickok, P.E., Senior Park Planner​