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Chanshtnu Muldoon Park: Phase 1 Development

Chanshtnu Muldoon Park: Phase 1 Development

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Chanshtnu Muldoon Park is one of Anchorage's newest and most celebrated parks.  The park includes an inclusive playground, custom picnic shelter, access to Chester Creek, parking lot, trails, open space, ice skating ribbon, and home to the Muldoon Farmers Market.


In 2016, a master plan was completed for the park paving the way for the first phase of park development. 

Construction of phase 1 improvements began in summer 2016  and opened to the public in fall of 2017. 

This initial phase of park development provides a welcoming, year-round destination in the highly visible western portion of the park along Muldoon Road.  The area is intended to be the most active space in the park; hosting community-wide events and providing a range of facilities that will serve the diverse needs of the community.  This area serves as an inviting gateway that encourages visitors to explore further into the park.

Phase 1 includes developed access to Chester Creek, a destination inclusive playground, a parking lot with 40 spaces, community event space that can support the Muldoon Farmers Market and Spirit of Muldoon Picnic, flexible open space, a pavilion, restrooms, and a ribbon that can be used for ice skating in the winter and community events/kiddie bike loop in the summer.

Phase 1 funding includes: $1.5M Alaska State Legislative Grants, $300K in Municipal Bonds, and $25K in private donations.


Chanshtnu Muldoon Park is a newly dedicated Community Use Park located in the heart of East Anchorage at the southeast corner of the Muldoon and DeBarr Road intersection.  The park encompasses 26.74 acres of natural and previously developed areas, with features that include the South Fork of Chester Creek, outstanding views of the Chugach Mountains, as well as upland forests and open meadows.

Originally referred to as Muldoon Town Square Park during the initial planning stages, the park underwent a formally named process where Chanshtnu Muldoon Park was decided. The name Chanshtnu Muldoon Park ties our past to the present in a public space that future generations will enjoy.  “Chanshtnu” refers to the Dena’ina name for “Chester Creek” which is a defining feature of the park.  “Muldoon” is a common place name honoring an early Anchorage homesteader in the area.   


Steve Rafuse, Senior Park Planner


Ph: 343-4586

Phase 1 Site Plan

Preferred Alternative Master Plan

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