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Centennial Park Campground Improvements

Centennial Park Campground Improvements

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History & Funding

This property was acquired in 1966 through land selection. The park was named for the Alaska Centennial.  It was a camper park in the summer and a winter sports complex in the winter.  At one time there was a ticket booth and tow shack. The alpine ski hill was lit and in February they had a winter carnival. Today we have a camper park in the summer with occasional sledding parties during the winter.   This park was developed with funding from the Land & Water Conservation Fund and state donation monies.

2013 Project Summary:

Phase 1 Improvements will include improving the following:

  • Electric hook-ups and Wi-Fi Internet to internal 22 RV sites (Wi-Fi range will extend to reach as much of campground perimeter as possible); (COMPLETE)
  • Improved drainage and level re-grading and replacement of compacted gravel at 22 RV sites;(COMPLETE)
  • Improved circulation including adding pull-through capabilities to RV sites #1 and #2;(COMPLETE)
  • Landscaping Improvements including:
    • Selective tree and limb removal for safety and to allow for larger RVs;(COMPLETE)
    • Cleaned planting beds with new wood edging and new mulch; (SPRING 2014)
    • Repaired or replaced picnic tables;(COMPLETE)
    • Repaired or replaced fire rings;(SPRING 2014)
    • Decorative Boulders at entry;(COMPLETE)
    • New Gates to manage winter access; (TBD BASED ON AVAIL FUNDS)
    • Repair/replace bollards and add where security is needed along perimeter; (SPRING 2014)
  • New park brochure;(SPRING 2014)
  • New trail and local merchant map depicting local amenities and services;(SPRING 2014)
  • New sign at Boundary Avenue and Centennial Park Road to improve wayfinding.(TBD BASED ON AVAIL FUNDS)

Phase 2 Improvements are to be finalized with input from the Park advisory committee and the Far North Community Council, based on available funding after Phase 1 Improvements are complete; anticipated planning to begin in 2014 based on available funding.

  • Bathroom upgrades
  • New Pavilion (could be used by tent campers for and possible winter users)
  • Additional improvements to be determined.
Project Status:

MOA has completed the Electrical and Wi-Fi Improvement portion of Phase 1. The drainage and landscape improvement construction for sites 1-22 is complete. Parks Staff will be creating the new brochure and trail map in winter 2014. Remaining landscape improvements will be completed in spring 2014. Grading and drainage improvements to the remaining tent and RV site driveways will be improved in 2014.

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Click the image below for Phase 1 Improvements Construction Phasing Plan 

Construction Phase Plan (PDF)

Click the image below for the Design Study Report.
Design Study Report (PDF)

Maeve Nevins

Landscape Architect 

P: 343-4135