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Campbell Creek Trail Project Schedule

(Posted 10/19/18): The entire trail is now OPEN for winter use! The construction is on hold for the winter and the trail is now completely re-opened. Caution: the Phase 3 section of trail will remain an unpaved, gravel surface until we return next spring/summer to finish the repairs. This section begins at 76th Avenue at the north Taku Lake Park parking lot and ends at Lynwood Park.

Older Posts:

Summer 2017: Phase 1: COMPLETE (W. Dimond Blvd to Minnesota Blvd (west).

(Posted July 8, 2018): Phase 2 construction is COMPLETE! The (Minnesota Blvd. underpass (east) and ends on the west side of C St. underpass).

Phase 3: Construction will begin in Aug. 20, 2018. This section begins at 76th Avenue at north Taku Lake Park and ending at Lynwood Park. This project is tentatively going to keep that section of trail closed until winter, at which time we will re-open the trail until the spring 2019. Final completion is anticipated by July 1, 2019.

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