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Campbell Creek Trail Phase 2 Detour Map (click here)

This Phase 2 detour map is for the fall 2017 section of work. During active construction the trail will be CLOSED east of Minnesota Blvd. and will go to west of C St. underpass.

PHASE 2 IS ON HOLD FOR WINTER. The trail is re-opened! We will not be repaving until the spring, thus the surface is compacted gravel (until we get enough snow to groom). Refer to the detour map if you wish to avoid this area (road bikers, roller skiers may wish to detour around site until repaved)

Construction will continue onto Phase 2 and extend to C Street in spring of 2018.

Our detour routes will be marked with signs and maps again in the spring 2018. Please contact the parks department at 907-343-4355 with any questions or concerns.

Please plan your trip accordingly, travel time may increase. Thank you for your patience.

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