Anchorage Parks and Recreation

2016 Neighborhood Park Projects

The park fix-it projects revitalize our neighborhood parks with volunteer and community support. The Anchorage Parks & Recreation Department and the Anchorage Park Foundation worked with the Anchorage Community to select the following parks as 2016 Neighborhood Park Fix-it Projects.


Duldida Park

Duldida Park is a neighborhood use park of 0.57 acres in the Mountain View community. The park features ADA accessible play equipment for 2-5 year olds and 5-12 year olds, and is a valued green space to the local residents.


Kiwanis Fish Creek Park

Kiwanis Fish Creek Park is a neighborhood use park of 5.91 acres located in the Spenard community. The park features swings, play equipment for 5-12 year olds, tennis courts, and a shelter. Kiwanis Fish Creek Park is located next to Fish Creek and connects to the Fish Creek Greenbelt.


Barbara Street Park

Barbara Street Park is a 3.21 acre neighborhood use park in the Spenard community. This park features a lit trail that connects to the Fish Creek Trail, a quiet area with a bench midway through the park, and an ADA accessible play area for 2-5 year olds.


Sitka Street Park

Sitka Street Park is a 28 acre neighborhood park located between Merrill Field Airport and Chester Creek. The park sits on land managed by Merrill Field that has been permitted as an interim use to the Parks and Recreation Department.  The park has a picnic shelter & tables, play equipment, a sand volleyball court, lighting, a parking lot, a sledding hill and an open field.


Elderberry Park

Elderberry Park is a neighborhood park of 1.46 acres located within downtown Anchorage. It offers benches, picnic tables, and play equipment for 2-5 and 5-12 year olds, and is named after Elderberry bushes. Elderberry Park offers unparalleled views of Cook Inlet and Mt. Susitna and is an access point to the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail.