Anchorage Parks and Recreation

2015 Neighborhood Park Projects

The park fix-it projects revitalize our neighborhood parks with volunteer and community support. The Anchorage Parks & Recreation Department and the Anchorage Park Foundation worked with the Anchorage Community to select the following parks as 2015 Neighborhood Park Fix-it Projects.


Suzan Nightingale McKay Memorial Park

Suzan Nightingale McKay Park is a neighborhood use park located on Cook Ave in the Government Hill neighborhood.  The park encompasses 1.36 acres overlooking the Knik Arm and Alaska Range and includes picnic tables and benches.  The park also features play equipment for 2-5 and 5-12-year-olds as well as a Sydney Laurence Monument.  


Balto Seppala Park

Balto Seppala Park is a community use park located in the Turnagain neighborhood in West Anchorage.  The Park encompasses 18 acres and features two soccer fields, a sledding hill, picnic tables, and play equipment for 2-5-year-olds.  There are parking lots, one located on Wisconsin Street to the east and the other on Milky Way Drive to the south.


Jewel Lake Park

​Jewel Lake Park is a 40.26-acre community use park with a covered picnic shelter, softball field, volleyball sandlot, playground equipment, picnic tables, swimming area, beach, paved parking, restrooms, bike trail access, and non-motorized small craft area. Fishing is permitted 50' from the swim area.


Pop Carr Park

Pop Carr Park is a neighborhood park located off of Arctic Blvd. and Tudor Rd.  Two small parking lots are accessible via the neighborhood to the south on Kent St. and Hampshire St.  The Park encompasses 9 acres of forest and open lawn, and includes trails, a picnic shelter, play equipment for 2-5 and 5-12-year-olds, and tennis courts.     


David Green Memorial Park

David Green Park is a neighborhood use park located at the corner of 36th Ave and MacInnes St. in the Tudor Area.  The Park encompasses 2.89 acres and features a picnic shelter, a playground, and open space.  A small parking lot is located off of MacInnes St. 


Moen Park

Moen Park is located on Goldenview Drive in the Rabbit Creek neighborhood in South Anchorage. The park encompasses 10 acres of forested hillside and includes a small parking lot and tot lot.  The park is named in honor of Howard & Ruth Moen, the original homesteaders of South Goldenview Drive. ________________________________________________________________

Dave Rose Park

Dave Rose Park is a 14.47-acre community use park located in the Russian Jack neighborhood. Park facilities include playground equipment for 5-12-year-olds, a soccer field, sledding hill, basketball court, picnic shelter, picnic tables, lighted paved trails, and a 26-car parking lot.