Maintenance and Operations

Facility Maintenance Section

Facility Maintenance maintains over 150 Municipal facilities ranging from park structures, recreational facilities, swimming pools, office buildings, warehouses, and libraries, along with over 230 park irrigation systems, lighted trail systems and parking lots, bridges, tunnels, stairways, and overpasses. The work group is comprised of carpenters, electricians, and plumbers, who directly perform maintenance work and graffiti removal on these properties.

Facility Maintenance handles the Municipality's repair requests and performs scheduled preventative maintenance. The broad spectrum of building maintenance includes lock and keys, door and window replacement and repair, structural framing and repair, drywall repair, and painting, plumbing, heating and cooling, lighting, emergency generator operation, electrical problems, etc.

Emphasis is placed on maintenance of public facilities such as the museum, libraries, recreation centers and other facilities with high public use. We strive to make these facilities safe and attractive for local residents and visitors to the Anchorage area. This enhances the pride of the local citizens in our community and reflects the nature and character of the community to visitors.

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Facility Maintenance also maintains the city wide Graffiti Buster Program.  To report Graffiti that you find around town, contact us at:

343-GONE (4663) or

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