Merrill Field


​​Merrill Field Flight Simulation Providers


I. Angel Aviation

  2. Contact office at 907-312-8298 to schedule with Flight Schedule Pro
  3. $35/hour
  5. Attached PDFRedbird LOA.pdf

II. MOA Sim Center-$50/hour. To schedule email 

  1. PFC DCX Max AATD- ASEL/AMEL piston/turbo prop/jet 
  2. PFC GT Glass Trainer AATD ASEL/AMEL Recip/ 
  3. Fly It AATD Rotary Wing-Piston/Turbine 
  4. PFC CR-12 AATD ASEL/AMEL Recip 
  5. PFC CR-12 AATD ASEL/AMEL Recip ​
  6. PA-18 Super Cub AATD with motion
  7. HSTD1 AATD Rotary Wing-Piston &Turbine-​ 
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