​Pay Fines/Serve Community Service

Where can I come to:

  • Bring my Community Work Service Verification
  • Pay a Fine
  • Drop Off Paperwork for Other Conditions                            

Where can I mail my:

  • Fine Payment
  • Community Work Service Verification
  • Other Paperwork to Fulfill my Conditions
City Hall Prosecutor's Office 632 West 6th Avenue, Ste 210
Municipal Prosecutor's Office Attn:Pre-Trial DiversionP.O. Box 196650 Anchorage, Ak 99519-6650

Please call to confirm the Prosecutor's Office has received your payment and or paperwork. 

Fines/Community Service

My address and phone number have changed since I met with you the first time, what do I do?

Please email us or leave us a message indicating your updated information.  This is a requirement of your probation.  You can email us at prosptd@muni.org or call us at 907-343-6483.Community Service/Fines

Do you take Credit Card Payments? 

  No, we do not have the capability at this time.  All fine payments should be in the form of Cash or Money Order.

Can I fax my Community Work Service or other verification to you?

 Yes, please fax your information to 907-343-6482, attention: Pre-Trial Diversion.  If you fax information I suggest you confirm we received it.  It is never safe to assume we did.

Can I convert my Assigned Community Work Service to a Fine?

 Yes, Community Work Service for the Pre-Trial Diversion program converts at $6.25 per hour.  For example:  40 hours of Community Work Service is equal to $250.00

Can I convert my Fine to Community Work Service?


I need to do Community Work Service, where do I go?

535 E 9th Avenue,
Anchorage, AK 99501Phone 907-343-4057 /   Fax: 907-274-7530

The Community Work Service office charges a $25.00 fee; you are required to have a slip to participate prior to signing up.  Please pick this slip up at City hall, Prosecutors Office. 632 W 6th Avenue, suite 210.

Can I get an extension for my fine or my Community Work Service?

 There is no guarantee that we will or that we can extend your time.  To make a request for an extension of time please Email the PTD program at prosptd@muni.org

You took my fine out of my Permanent Fund Dividend.

 The Pre-Trial Diversion program does not execute on the PFD.  We can only take your PFD if you have signed an Assignment of Rights form and provided it to us.

I was arrested, how do I get my bail money back?

If the Judge did not exonerate your bail at the time of your arraignment you will have to fill out a request and order form (CR-770). There is no guarantee that the court will grant this request. This form can be found at:Municipal Prosecutor's Office 632 West 6th Avenue Ste 610Nesbett Courthouse 825 West 4th Avenue.