​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Housing & Homelessness

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This hub is central repository of information on the Municipality's efforts to address homelessness in Anchorage. It is intended as a useful resource for stakeholders and interested members of the public. For those looking for immediate assistance, call 211 or please visit aceh.org/need-help.​
Housing & Homeless Services
The health department's HHS section is tasked with the administration of several key programs including Alcohol Tax g​rant funding, shelter licensing, and emergency shelter plans​
(907) 343-6718​​​​​
Navigation Center
The municipal navigation center is one of several navigation centers being stood up in Anchorage. Located at ​Elmore and Tudor Road, the facility will provide services as well shelter for 150 clients.​
Additional Information
Some commonly accessed resources are collected below​

Immedi​​ate Assistance​

​​Call 2-1-1

​​​ anchoragefood.org

​Begin the ​housing process​

Contact Us

Division Director: Alexis Johnson

 Email alexis.d.johnson@anchorageak.gov​