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Child Care Licensing Program

The Child Care Licensing Program (CCL) routinely monitors both child care homes and centers within the Municipality of Anchorage through routine on-site inspections, including complaint investigations.  The goal of CCL is to help reduce predictable risk of harm to children, however, CCL cannot guarantee that a facility meets all code requirements at all times.  A child care home or center may also be referred to as a Child Care and Educational Facility.  For general ease of understanding, all types of programs are considered to be a child care facility.

All licensed facilities fall under the regulatory jurisdiction of Anchorage Municipal Code (AMC) 16.55 and the program administrator is responsible for knowing and complying with applicable regulations.  Facility programs vary in size, location, services, and philosophy.  Families are encouraged to visit facilities, ask questions, and carefully compare several programs prior to making a final decision.  Choosing a child care facility is a significant decision and that choice depends on what the family wants and needs for their child.

Several tools exist to help parents make an informed decision as to the best care arrangements for their child.  CCL has made the following tools available to assist in the search for child care:

Opening a Facility

CCL has made the following tools available to assist in the process of opening a child care facility. A child care home means a facility usually in an occupied residency for no more than eight children. A child care center means a facility for nine or more children. The full definitions can be found on page three of AMC 16.55

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AMC 16.55 AO 2016-82 passed 8/9/16

Alaska Child Care Regulations

Q&A: 2015 Community Meeting

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