Environmental Quality Program

Results of Private Well Arsenic Sampling

Sampled Private Wells in the Municipality of Anchorage Exceeding 10 parts per billion arsenic (ppb)

This map shows wells that exceeded 10 ppb arsenic from a recent DHHS survey of over 400 private wells in the Municipality of Anchorage.

Arsenic Concentrations of Sampled Wells in the Municipality of Anchorage

This map shows the arsenic concentrations 434 wells surveyed by DHHS. Elevated arsenic, greater than 10 ppb, was prevalent in the Anchorage Bowl but uncommon in wells in the Anchorage Hillside, Eagle River/Chugiak, and communities along Turnagain Arm.

Expected Arsenic Concentration

Data from private wells sampled in Anchorage were used to generate a map of predicted arsenic concentrations in various parts of the Anchorage Bowl. Individual wells in any given area may vary considerably, however. The only way to determine the arsenic concentration in the water of a specific well is through chemical analysis, preferably at a state-certified drinking water laboratory.

Summary of Arsenic Sampling Results

Area Sampled Wells Sampled No Arsenic Detected Arsenic Greater than 10 ppb Arsenic Greater than 50 ppb
Muncipality-wide 434 259 88 10
Chugiak/Eagle River 120 98 3 0
Anchorage 288 142 85 10
Hillside 122 97 1 0
Other Areas 166 45 84 10
Turnagain Arm 26 19 0 0