Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Program  

DBE Program Overview

The US Department of Transportation mandated Alaskan agencies receiving Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and Federal Transit Administration (FTA) create a centralized process for certifying Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE).  As a result, the Municipality of Anchorage, Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities (ADOT&PF) Civil Rights Office and numerous other agencies formed the Alaska Unified Certification Program (AUCP).

ADOT&PF Civil Rights Office administers the DBE certification process for all AUCP member agencies.  They operate a “one-stop shop” for DBE certification.  The Municipality of Anchorage and all other AUCP members recognize this certification. To learn more about becoming a certified DBE visit the State of Alaska website.

Looking for a Certified DBE?

Are you a contractor looking for a list of certified DBEs?  The list of certified DBE's is now available online. Select AUCP DBE Directory Part 2.  This online directory is updated at the start of each business week. 

Remember, inclusion in this directory in no way signifies an endorsement by the Municipality of Anchorage or other AUCP member agencies. Additionally, inclusion in this directory does not guarantee the capability, dependability, availability or bonding limit of any of the included firms.

Current Bidding Opportunities

For current procurement opportunities within the Municipality, see the Procurement Department's bidding website.