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Solid Waste Services

Solid Waste Services 

Anchorage Regional Landfill

Residential Solid Waste Disposal, Commercial Solid Waste Disposal, & Hazardous Waste Collection Center.

The Anchorage Regional Landfill (ARL) is located at the intersection of the Glenn Highway and Hiland road, near the community of Eagle River, Alaska. The address is 15500 E. Eagle River Loop Rd, Eagle River, AK 99577

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The ARL receives commercial refuse collection vehicles, residential refuse collection vehicles, and household vehicles (cars and pickups) from throughout the Anchorage and Eagle River area.  ARL also provides a location for the collection of CFC-containing appliances (refrigerators and freezers), used oil, batteries, and household hazardous waste.

All loads must be covered and secured prior to arrival at the facility.  Uncovered or unsecured loads are subject to an additional charge.  For more information, refer to AMC 26.80.50.

Hours of Operation

Residential and Commercial
Monday through Friday -- 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Saturday -- 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Sunday -- Closed.

Residential Solid Waste

Anchorage Landfill ScalehouseCars and pickups are welcome at the landfill for disposal of residential solid waste.  A transfer station has been provided for residential use to keep these vehicles away from on-site traffic and heavy equipment.  Disposal fees for pickups (5 cubic yards or less) are $15.00 per load, cars (1 cubic yard or less) are $5.00 per load.  Residents can dispose of smaller quantities, up to four (4) 32-gallon trash bags or cans at $1.00 per bag/can. 

Disposal Fees
How do I dispose...? for special waste requirements.

Commercial Solid Waste Disposal

The ARL is open for commercial loads of municipal construction and demolition solid wastes.  Disposal fees for commercial vehicles and trailers are $56.50 per ton, plus a $1.50 per ton recycling surcharge, with a $15.00 minimum charge.  

Hazardous Waste Collection Center

The Hazardous Waste Collection Center is located at the ARL.  This center is used for collection of hazardous wastes generated by households or Conditionally Exempt Small Quantity Generators (CESQG).  CESQGs are companies that generate less than 220 pounds of any hazardous wastes per month.

Both hazardous waste collection locations (ARL and CTS) operate a re-use program.  Household items that are more than 50% full and in the original container can be obtained free of charge.  So, if you need to pick up some house paint, cleaning supplies, automobile fluids, or lawn and garden chemicals, you may do so while you're here, depending on availability.

Landfill Information

The Anchorage Regional Landfill (ARL) has been operating since 1987 after the closure of the Merrill Field Landfill.  The property was acquired through an agreement between the municipality and the United States Army Fort Richardson under the North Anchorage Land Agreement (NALA).  ARL is the deposition point for collected municipal solid waste within the Anchorage municipal boundaries.  The facility receives transfer vehicles, residential collection vehicles, and household vehicles (cars and pick-ups).  A transfer station is operated for household vehicles to separate these vehicles from the large equipment traffic flow.  The transfer station also provides a location for collection of CFC containing appliances, (i.e. refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners) used oil, and batteries.  These materials are handled by an external contractor for treatment and disposal or recycling as necessary. The facility is expected to provide for the disposal needs of the Municipality through 2043.