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Solid Waste Services

Automated Curbside Collections 

Roll Cart Service for Trash & Recycling

Automated trash collection with curbside recycling will be provided to a majorityof the SWS collection area by fall of 2014.

In fall 2008, SWS rolled out the first phase of its automated curbside trash and recycling collection service and has continued to add customer service areas to the routes. With our final implementation this fall, nearly all of our residential SWS Can/bag customers will be switched over to this new and improved trash and recycling service.

Automated Curbside Collection Service and Rate Information

Learn about the automated collections curbside program, including roll cart sizes, set-out requirements and rates in our User's Guide.

2017 Calendar of Service (Recycling and Trash)
See the full year of recycling weeks (and every-other-week trash collection if you have this service) in one place. A quick reference guide to service levels and rates is also included.

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