​Word Cloud, by artists Alice Konitz and Won Ju Lim. Located at the joint West H.S. & Romig M.S. library. ãKonitz-Lim​​    

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Solid Waste Services - Central Transfer Station

Deadline for Entries: May 1st, 2023  11:59 PM MST

Amount of Commission: $560,000; Location 1: $300,000; Location 2: $60,000; Location 3: $200,000

Under this request for proposals, the Art Selection Jury intends to commission artwork for three separate locations, totaling $560,000 to be permanently installed throughout the Solid Waste Services’ newly constructed Central Transfer Station. 

A monument to SWS and Anchorage’s commitment to “Do Something.” This facility demonstrates a significant step towards long term sustainable practice goals throughout the Anchorage Municipality, extending the life of the Anchorage Regional Landfill, decreasing fleet travel, fuel use, and emissions. The Central Transfer Station is a cleaner, safer, and more efficient facility to serve the residents of the Municipality of Anchorage. The new facility will streamline operations, use energy wisely, and open up more space for innovation in recycling and reusing. With all the extra space, these improvements will be accomplished while reducing wait times for all users. These improvements keep materials out of our landfill, extending the life of a vital community resource.

The Central Transfer Station is located off 56th Avenue, across the street from the current Solid Waste Services Administrative building and headquarters. 1208 E 56th Avenue, Anchorage, AK 99507 

Applications must be submitted through the online Call for Entry portal, found HERE​ ​

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