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1% for Art News

1% for Art is looking forward to 2020! Stay tuned for more information~

We will be developing a current list of artists for the Public Art Artist Registry in 2020. Start preparing your portfolios and updating your CV's! 

The Public Art Program is seeking to improve its public outreach for the dissemination of Calls For Art - Are you a member of an artist group or organization? Contact the Public Art Program at the address below to find out how you can help to connect your community to Public Art! Use the tag, "Connect My Community to the Arts" in the subject line. 

Art Matters.  Public Art plays a vital role in activating our public spaces; making the streets and public spaces come alive.  Public art promotes vitality and energizes the community.  Public art is visual story telling; it provides a sense of place, time, and identity.  Please continue to support public art in your communities and neighborhoods! 

If you are interested in knowing more about the 1% for Public Art Program, please contact the office at:

Email: gideon.gerlt@anchorageak.gov

Phone: (907)343-6473 

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