High ​​​Wind Events

​​High wind events happen many times each year in t​he Municipality

​Know your risks:

  • High winds with gusts in excess of 50 MPH occur several times a year, usually on the Hillside and through Turnagain Arm. 
  • During the snowy winter months, winds and cold temperatures can cause frostbite more rapidly.  
  • Winter winds can make snow drifts which block roadways and overload roofs.
  • High wind events may cause widespread power outages.
​Before the high wind happens:
  • Evaluate your home.  
    • If your home is newer than 1990, Municipal building​ codes require hurricane straps that secure the roof to the home
    • If your home is older than 1990, consider an engineering inspection of your home
    • Check that double door entries are secured at the top and bottom
    • Secure your garage door
  • Get homeowners insurance and review your policy every year
  • Secure light objects outside that may move and cause damage
  • Cut trees which may fall and cause damage to your home or property
  • Create a plan​ for what to do if you have a power outage
​During the high wind:
  • ​Grasp doors tightly when opening them and do not let go until ready to close them
  • Use caution when driving-wind gusts can move your car around the road
  • ​Look out for objects which can be blown into the streets
  • Be prepared for a power outage
  • Report downed power lines to 9-1-1 and the utility company​​.  Do not go near a downed power line! 
  • If you use a generator​ for power, do so safely.​​ Put generators outside!