Anchorage OEM works with many planning and response agencies in Anchorage to ensure the needs of the community are m​et before, during and after an emergency

​​​Local Emergency Planning Committee​

​​​The Anchorage LEPC seeks to uphold federal, state, and local laws pertaining to emergency/disaster planning and​​ Community Right-to-Know reporting. The Anchorage LEPC is administered by the Municipality of Anchorage Office of Emergency Management.


​The Alaska Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster is part of an association of organizations that lead response efforts, communicate urgent needs to the wider National VOAD network, and provide assistance to communities affected by disaster.

​National Weather Service

The National Weather Service keeps first responders in Anchorage up to date on weather which may impact the Municipality.

​​Amateur Radio Club

The Amateur Radio Club supports communication in a disaster through their network of radio operators.

Joint Medical Emergency Preparedness Group

​The JMEPG is made up of healthcare providers large and small in Southcentral Alaska.  They work together to plan for and respond to disasters.

Governor's Council on Disabilities and Special Education

​The Governor's Council on Disabilities and Special Education works together with Anchorage OEM​ to address the needs of individuals with disabilities, functional and access needs in an emergency.

​​​Alaska Department of Homeland Security & Emergency Management

Alaska DHS & EM is the State counterpart to the Anchorage OEM.  They assist Anchorage OEM with funding, response, recovery and technical assistance.

​​State Emergency Communications Commission

The SECC has members from each Borough in Alaska responsible for Emergency Public Information and Warning.  This group oversees the statewide emergency public information network which carries Emergency Alert System and Wireless Priority Alerts​ to Alaska residents.​