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Permits and Applications

Right-of-Way Permit 

Applications for right-of-way permits must be accompanied by three (3) sets of plans and sent to the Right-of-Way Permit Division for approval before any work can be started. The plans must clearly show the scope of work, and that all work will be performed according to municipal standards and specifications. Click h​ere​ to view and print the application (Click here  for free Adobe Acrobat reader).

Right-of-Way Encroachment Permit

If your fence or landscaping is located in the right-of-way and within seven feet of the road edge, it needs to be removed. If it is located beyond this area, you need to apply for a Right-of-Way Encroachment Permit Application by submitting a site plan showing the location and type of landscaping to the Development Services Division, Right-of-Way Section located at 4700 Elmore Road.

There is a $120 non-refundable application fee for any permitted encroachments in the right-of-way. The permit shall be valid between January 1 or the date of issuance and December 31 of the year in which it is issued.  Click her​e​ for the permit application (Click here for free Adobe Acrobat Reader).

You may have had your fence or landscaping for many years, but you are required to bring it into compliance with current municipal code. There are no grandfather rights for non-permitted encroachments in the right-of-way. Past practice was to give a notice to remove encroachments or require a permit for only those that were a safety hazard or that enforcement officers noticed within the first year after construction. This practice seemed to encourage citizens to build without obtaining a permit.

By requiring a permit for all items in the right-of-way, we insure the project plan is reviewed. This is to make sure there are no sight obstruction hazards for drivers, and no rocks, flower bed timbers, retaining walls, or other obstacles which could be hidden by snow and struck by snow removal equipment. These problems can cause injury to people and damage to equipment, and the property owner can be held responsible for these damages. If we discover an obstruction and determine there is no permit on file, we will require the responsible individual(s) to either remove the obstruction or apply for an encroachment permit.

Right-of-Way Rental

The basic minimum permit fee is $135, plus the applicable lane closure fee. This monthly fee is based on the square footage of the right-of-way used. The rates are $0.60/square foot/month for improved public place and $0.40/square foot/month outside improved public place. The fees are calculated by the issuing agency, and payable at the time the applicant signs for the rental permit.

Sidewalk Encroachment Permit (Central Business District Only)

It is the policy of the Municipality to provide an Annual Sidewalk Right of Way Encroachment Permit for placing customer advertising or direction signs, tables, chairs, benches, flower boxes, trash receptacles and similar customer amenities and decorative items on sidewalks in the Central Business Zoning districts B-2A and B-2B.

The basic annual permit fee is $105.  The fees are calculated and payable at the time the applicant signs for the encroachment permit. 

The following are the restrictions for a sidewalk encroachment: 

1.   Signs cannot be more than six square feet in gross vertical

2.   Signs and appurtenances will not be allowed on sidewalks  
       if the area between the parking meters and property line is
       less than 5 feet in width.

 3.   No signs will be allowed on the south side of 4th Avenue
       between E Street and F Street or on the east side of F Street
       between 4th Avenue and 5th Avenue. This restriction is to
       reduce the congestion around the Anchorage Convention and
       Visitors Bureau (ACVB) Log Cabin at the corner of 4th Avenue
       and F Street. The horse drawn carriage and pedi-cab vendors
       are exempt from this restriction and have ACVB non-objection
       for their locations near the Log Cabin. However, these two
       vendors will be required to obtain a permit.

4.   Signs and appurtenances must not compete with 
       businesses located on adjacent property for same or like
      service or product.

Applicants for this type permit must submit a completed Sidewalk Encroachment Permit Application, a sketch accurately showing the location of the sign and/or appurtenance, and a certificate of insurance acceptable to Municipal Risk Management in the amount of $300,000 Compensation/General Liability. The applicant can fax the completed application package to 343-8250, deliver it to the ROW Permit Section, or mail it to Development Services,  Right of Way, 4700 Elmore Road, Anchorage, Alaska 99507. Sidewalk encroachment permits for signs and appurtenances must be displayed in the window of the business.

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