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Contractor Licensing

Municipal Licensed Contractors: Please check your expiration date located on your MOA licenses and qualification cards. February  is a renewal month, depending on your license date rotation. Fill out the New / Renewal of Certificate of Qualification Cards form and return by February 14.

When is a Contractor's License Required?

Any individual or business engaged in construction within the Municipality of Anchorage Service Area is required to obtain a Municipal Contractors License.

How Do I Obtain a Municipal Contractor's license?

Before applying for a municipal contractors license, the applicant will need to contact the State of Alaska, Department of Occupational Licensing, (907) 269-8160, to obtain a State of Alaska Contractor License. Applications for municipal contractors licenses are available at the Development Services Department, Building Safety Permit Counter, 4700 Elmore Road.

To apply for a Municipal contractors license you must complete the following steps:

  1. Obtain and submit a completed application packet. To print an application, please go to Forms.
  2. Submit a current copy of your State of Alaska Contractors License.
  3. Submit a copy of the required construction bond.
  4. Submit a copy of your Mechanical/Electrical Administrators License. (If applicable)

A fee is paid upon application for each license (i.e. General, Specialty, Plumbing, Mechanical, and Electrical) when applicable.

Each license is valid for a maximum of two years, and expires on February 14th of each calendar year.

If all application materials are filed correctly, a first-time applicant can typically expect the license to be issued within 7-10 business days.

An incomplete application will hinder the process. If an application is not approved, you will be notified that it is incomplete. You will then be asked to provide any missing information or make corrections.

License Issuance

A license may be issued to an individual company, a partnership, a corporation, or a joint venture.

If the ownership of a business changes, you will be required to furnish a copy of your state contractors license and bond with the new company's name.

The Municipality does not license outside the categories stated on your State of Alaska contractors license.

Qualification (Fitness) Cards

Any individual working in the Plumbing/Mechanical trade will be required to obtain a qualification (fitness) card from the Municipality. It will also be necessary for you to present your State of Alaska Fitness Card when your Municipality Fitness card is issued. Contact the State of Alaska, Department of Labor, 3301 Eagle Street 3rd Floor, Anchorage, AK 99503 (907) 269-4925, for requirements for a state card.

In order to obtain a qualification (fitness) card you will have to take an exam given by the Municipality. These exams are given bi-​monthly.​

Individuals requiring testing are: Contractors and Journeymen (Plumbers, Gas Fitters and Sheetmetal)

Required Proof of Hours
Plumbing & Sheetmetal Contractor  12,000 hours
Gas Piping Contractor     8,000 hours
Plumbing & Sheemetal Journeyman    8,000 hours
Gas Piping Journeyman    4,000 hours
Qualification Exams

To register for an exam you must submit a completed application, along with notarized letters showing proof of hours. Applications can be obtained at the Development Services, Building Safety Permit Counter, 4700 Elmore Road.

*Note: All letters of proof are required to be notarized, and list the actual hours accumulated in your trade.

Exams are given bi-monthly. Make sure you sign up by the registration deadline!



JANUARY 31, 2020  FEBRUARY 5, 2020
MARCH 27 2020   APRIL 1 2020
MAY 29, 2020
 JUNE 3, 2020
JULY 31, 2020
 AUGUST 5, 2020
OCTOBER 2, 2020
 OCTOBER 7, 2020
NOVEMBER 25, 2020
DECEMBER 2​, 2020

Qualification Exam & Certification Card Fees 
Exam Fee
Card Fees
Plumbing Contractor $90
Journeyman Plumber/Gas Fitter $60
Plumber Trainee ** $85
Gas Piping Contractor $90
Journeyman Gas Fitter $60
Sheet Metal Contractor $90
Journeyman Sheet Metal $60​
Sheet Metal Trainee ** $85​

**Note: Does not require testing from the Municipality.

Qualification (fitness) cards are valid for a maximum of two years.

Is Your Contractor Licensed and Bonded?  

Check Municipal Licensing

Check State Licensing - The Alaska Occupational License Search maintained by the Alaska State Division of Occupational Licensing allows you to search a database containing over 30,000 occupational/professional licenses issued by the Alaska Division of Occupational Licensing and its licensing boards.

Contractor Disputes

If you have a dispute with your contractor regarding the work done, contact the State of Alaska Occupational Licensing Office. This office retains the contractor's bond.

Questions? Email us at or call 343-8211.