An on-site wastewater disposal system serving a single-family home or duplex may not be installed or modified within the Municipality of Anchorage without first obtaining a permit from the On-Site Water and Wastewater Section. The permit application form must bear the signature of the applicant or an authorized representative.  

As specified in Anchorage Municipal Code (AMC) Section 15.65.050, the application must include the following:

  1.  A narrative describing the scope of the project and probable adverse impacts to adjacent properties, considering wells, wastewater systems, reserved spaces and drainage.  
  2.  A site plan drawn to scale and bearing the stamp and signature of a registered Civil Engineer. This site plan must show:  
a. The location of the on-site well and all components of the on-site wastewater disposal 
     system. If the permit application is for the development of a new lot, the replacement   
     disposal site shall also be shown.
b. Dimensions when necessary to confirm compliance with separation distances.
c. The location of all wastewater dispos​al systems, wells, water distribution piping, surface 
     water, wetlands, roads, property lines and structures within 200 feet of the location of 
    any existing or proposed on-site wastewater disposal system(s).
d. The locations of all soils, percolation or water table tests within 30 feet of the proposed 
e. A description of the relevant topography and surface drainage patterns affecting the 
    design of the system, including the location and extent of steep slopes.  

     3.  A design of the on-site wastewater disposal system bearing the stamp and signature of a              registered Civil Engineer.

     4.  The results of soils, percolation and water table tests. For systems to be constructed on 
          newly developed lots, tests must be conducted and reported for both the original and
          replacement subsurface disposal fields. Soil tests must be submitted on an approved MOA
          form and must bear the stamp and signature of a registered Civil Engineer.  

     5.  A current as-built survey or plot plan. 

The department may conduct site inspections or require submission of additional information prior to the issuance of any permits.

The department shall determine, after review of the application as well as available historic data, whether the proposed system complies with the requirements of AMC Chapter 15.65 Wastewater Disposal. 

The permit may be denied if provisions of the ordinance are not met.  The permit may also be denied if the proposed development would have the effect of prohibiting future residential use of an adjacent lot or parcel.

The On-Site Water and Wastewater Section will coordinate permit review with other appropriate municipal and state agencies and may refuse to issue a permit, based on input from other agencies or violation of any other state or local code or provision.