Building Forms



Alternate Means and Methods Means and MethodsRequest for Alternate Design, Materials, or Methods of Construction
Building Safety Service Area Map Safety Service Area MapBuilding Safety Service Area Map
Change order orderChange Order/Deferred submittal
Commercial Worksheet WORKSHEET.pdfCommercial WorksheetCommercial worksheet - screen editable
Contractor License Packet License Application Packet .pdfContractor License PacketContractor License Application Packet
Contractor Transfer TransferDo you need to change contractors
Credit Card On-Demand Card On-DemandDevelopment Services offers an On-Demand Subscription service for Visa and MasterCard credit Card payments
Dryer Vent Placard Exhaust Placard.pdfDryer Vent PlacardDryer Vent Placard
Elevator Alternate Means Alternate MeansRequest for Solution to Existing Code Discrepancy - screen editable
Emergency Fire Alarm Replacement Fire Alarm Replacement Notification 1-2-2020.pdfEmergency Fire Alarm ReplacementEmergency Fire Alarm Replacement Agreement, Emergency fire alarm panel replacement shall comply with Anchorage Municipal Code Title
Field Change Order Request Change Order RequestTo fast track the approval of minor field changes to approved plans. To separate small changes (those that require less than 15 minutes of plan review) from a change that requires a regular change order. To enable inspectors to accept and document minor field revisions without requiring formal change orders. To document the engineer, architect or designer of record approval of a minor field change.
Fire Alarm Installation Affidavit Alarm Installation Affidavit.pdfFire Alarm Installation AffidavitA company designing, installing, testing, or maintaining fire alarm signaling systems, or automatic fire suppression systems must employ sufficient personnel who hold valid permits in the appropriate classifications under this section to provide direct oversight and supervision of work being performed on the fire systems.
Fire Sprinkler Monitoring Requirements - Fire Sprinkler Systems - revised with minimum requirements.pdfFire Sprinkler Monitoring RequirementsIn accordance with the 2009 International Fire Code (IFC) adoption by the State of Alaska on November 16, 2012, section 903.4 and amendment (88) adopted the 2010 NFPA 72 National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code, fire sprinkler systems (not connected to a Fire Alarm Control Panel) are required to be monitored by a Dedicated Function Fire Alarm Control Unit per 2010 NFPA 72 sections and
Fire and Life Safety System Plan Review Application plan Review fees 2021 Revision.pdfFire and Life Safety System Plan Review ApplicationAnchorage Fire Department Fire and Life Safety System Plan Review Application
Formal Transfer of Responsibilites Transfer of ResponsibilitesFormal Transfer of Responsibilities at Time of Certificate of Conditional Occupancy (CCO)
Gas Piping Contractor Exam form GPC.pdfGas Piping Contractor ExamRequirements for Municipality of Anchorage Gas Piping Contractor Exam
General Contractor's License Application Contractor License Application Packet.pdfGeneral Contractor's License ApplicationGeneral or Specialty Contractor's License Application
Journeyman Gas Fitter Exam form JGF.pdfJourneyman Gas Fitter ExamRequirements for Municipality of Anchorage Journeyman Gas Fitter Exam
Journeyman Plumbing Exam form JP.pdfJourneyman Plumbing ExamRequirements for Municipality of Anchorage Journeyman Plumbing Exam
Journeyman Sheet Metal Exam form JSM.pdfJourneyman Sheet Metal ExamRequirements for Municipality of Anchorage Journeyman Sheet Metal Exam
New Fee Tables Fee TablesChapter 23 Fee tables, 01/01/20
No-Build Easement EasementCovenant to provide No-Build Easement
Permit Pick Up Authorization Pick Up AuthorizationPermit Pick Up Authorization form for authorized individuals applying on behalf of companies.
Plumber Trainee APPLICATION.pdfPlumber TraineePlumber Trainee Certificate application
Plumbing Contractor Exam form PC.pdfPlumbing Contractor ExamRequirements for Municipality of Anchorage Plumbing Contractor Exam
Political Sign Permit Sign PermitPolitical Sign Permit Request
Qualification New/Renewal CARD RENEWAL FORM.pdfQualification New/RenewalNEW/RENEWAL of Certificate of Qualifications Card
Refund Request Slip.pdfRefund RequestUse this form to request a refund
Research & Reactivation & Reactivation Form.pdfResearch & ReactivationResearch request, payment form, and Permit Re-activation form
Residential Worksheet Worksheet.pdfResidential WorksheetResidential Worksheet
Resubmittal Information InformationIf you are submitting Electrical, Plumbing, or Mechanical drawings that have NOT been previously submitted.
Retro work application work applicationAn official document or certificate issued by the building official for the ‘like-for-like’ replacement of an appliance, electrical service, plumbing fixture, or the modification of existing equipment with parts developed or made available after the original installation.
Sheet Metal Contractor Exam form SMC.pdfSheet Metal Contractor ExamRequirements for Municipality of Anchorage Sheet Metal Contractor Exam
Special Inspection Guidelines Inspection Guidelines for web.pdfSpecial Inspection GuidelinesThe special inspection process is in addition to those inspections conducted by the municipal building inspector and by the engineer or architect of record as part of the periodic structural observation.
Sub Contractor Permit Contractor PermitSub Contractor Permit request

 Right of Way Forms



Application Form Guidelines Forms/ROWAPPLICATIONFormGUIDELINES032012.pdfApplication Form Guidelines
As-Built or Record Drawing Request Forms/As Built or Record Drawing Request Form 1-5-14.pdfAs-Built or Record Drawing Request
Instructions for Encroachment Forms/Enroachment Supplemental Worksheet June 2015.pdfInstructions for Encroachment
Instructions for Encroachment Forms/ROW Encroachment Information March 2022.pdfInstructions for Encroachment
ROW Application Forms/ROW Application Rev March 2022.pdfROW Application
ROW Application Guidelines Forms/ROW Application Form Guidelines Rev March 2022.pdfROW Application Guidelines
ROW Supplemental Worksheet Forms/ROW Application Supplemental Worksheet March 2022.pdfROW Supplemental Worksheet
Sidewalk Encroachment Permit Forms/Sidewalk Encroachment Permit Rev April 2014.pdfSidewalk Encroachment Permit
Sidewalk Encroachment Permit Forms/ROW Application Sidewalk Encroachment Permit Rev March 2022.pdfSidewalk Encroachment Permit