What Zone am I in?

There are several ways of finding out which zoning district a property is in.  The first step is to identify the property. 

Parcels can be identified by:

  • Property tax identification number.  This is an eight-digit number that shows up on tax bills as something like 059-283-44 (sometimes it shows as a longer number like 059-283-44-001 or 05928344-001, but only the first eight digits are necessary.)           
  • Legal description.  This consists of the lot, block, and subdivision name, and may show up as something like "L23 B4 Quicksand Acres" or "Happy Trails #1 Tr18."           
  • Street address.           
  • Owner's name as shown on the property tax records.

Once you have identified the parcel you can:

  • Search the online GIS database (after you locate the parcel, the zoning is shown on the "printable property card.") 
  • Check the computerized tax database at the Assessor's office on the sixth floor of City Hall, 632 West 6th Avenue.  The tax records include the zoning district for each parcel. 
  • Call the Planning Department's public counter at 343-7931. 
  • Check the zoning map at the Planning Department or Land Use Enforcement.  The Planning Department also sells atlases that contain zoning maps for the entire Municipality.  Please note that there is a lag time (usually 10 days or less) between the Assembly's approval of a rezoning ordinance and the map update.
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