The National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) is a result of the federal Clean Water Act.  The goal is to reduce erosion on construction sites and prevent eroded soil from causing sedimentation in streams and lakes.  On the local level, section 21.07.020 of the municipal code contains the requirement for review.

The municipality's Erosion and Sediment Control and Materials Containment Guidance Manual is available from the Project Management and Engineering Department, located in the Permit Center, at 4700 Elmore Road.  This manual explains the "best management practices" (or "BMPs") that may be used for construction-related and permanent erosion control.

If you use the online version of the code, try searching on "21.07.020" for more information.  Please note that recent amendments may not have been published yet.  Land Use Enforcement will be happy to verify the current code language for you.