Anchorage Municipal Code (AMC) Title 21 generally does not directly regulate animals in the smaller lot neighborhoods except in the R-3, D-3 and R-4 districts. Some zoning districts require that "paddocks, stables or similar structures or enclosures which are utilized for the keeping of animals other than dogs" be set back from the property line.  Dog houses and runs are not subject to this setback requirement.

  • In the R-1, R-1A, R-2A, R-2D, R-2M, R-3, R-11, D-2, and D-3 districts the setback is 100 feet from any lot line.
  • In the R-3 and D-3 districts, the outdoor harboring or keeping of dogs, animals and fowl is a conditional use.   
  • In the R-4 district, the outdoor harboring or keeping of dogs, animals and fowl is prohibited by AMC 21.40.015.B. 

For areas of the municipality with larger lots Assembly Ordinance No. 2005-150(S-1), passed February 28, 2006 established regulations for the keeping of large domestic animals such as horses, cows, pigs, llamas and other similar animals of similar size.  These regulations are found in AMC 21.45.350.

Large Domestic Animal Facilities are defined as properties including structures where riding, keeping, boarding, harboring, stabling, training, exercising, breeding or related use of four or more large domestic animals takes place.  Large Domestic Animal Facilities require a minimum lot size of 40,000 square feet for four animals, with an additional 10,000 square feet for each animal above four.

Properties with fewer than four large domestic animals are permitted in residential zoning districts as outlined above.

  • In the R-5, R-5A, R-6, R-7, R-8, R-9 and R-10 districts the setback for paddocks, pens, corrals or similar structures or enclosures that are utilized for the keeping of animals other than dogs is 25 feet from an abutting neighbor's lot line.  Alternatively, uncovered animal enclosures can be at least 75 feet from residences on abutting lots that have been in existence since February 28, 2006, or may be located a least ten feet from the abutting neighbor's lot line if the separation area is a vegetative buffer averaging 10 feet wide and containing a 50% mix of 5-foot evergreen and 8-foot deciduous trees planted 10 feet on center plus three 18 inch shrubs per tree (AMC 21.45.125(C)(2)).

Animal control regulations are found in Title 17 of the municipal code.  Complaints about animals should be directed to the Department of Health and Human Services. Complaints about the location of enclosures for animals other than dogs can be filed with Land Use Enforcement.

If you use the online version of the code (under "External Links"), try searching on "17.05.010" for more information.  Please note that recent amendments may not have been published yet.  Land Use Review will be happy to verify the current code language for you.