Signs in the Municipality are governed primarily by the land use regulations in chapter 21.11.  A few high points of the code:

  • A permit from the Municipality is generally required to erect a sign. (See the exceptions in AMC 21.11.020C.)   
  • Portable signs are prohibited everywhere in the Municipality. (See AMC 21.11.080D.)  This includes the ever-popular A-frame signs often found on streets and sidewalks.    
  • Private signs may not be attached to traffic signs or power poles, or erected on municipal property.  Any municipal employee may remove such signs. (See AMC 25.70.010.)  The Municipality may confiscate or destroy the signs.   
  • Signs may advertise or inform only about uses that exist on the same lot where the sign is located. (See AMC 21.11.080B.)   
  • Signs for large retail establishments must comply with an approved site plan.  New pole signs are prohibited.   
  • Temporary political signs are exempt from regulation. (See AMC 21.11.070J.)

If you use the online version of the code, try searching on "21.11," "23.15.H.101.2," or "25.70.010" for more information.  Please note that recent amendments may not have been published yet.  Land Use Enforcement will be happy to verify the current code language for you.